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White Fork Protectors and Guards
ProTech Fork Guards are a newly designed fork protector that directly replaces your standard OEM guard.
They offer much more protection to the fork stanchion from rust and stones increasing the service life of your forks. A lot of modern motocross and enduro bikes are using air sprung technology rather than a steel spring. This is making it even more important to protect the chrome fork stanchion from being chipped and damaged.

Just one stone chip to the chrome inner fork leg can be enough to create divot in the inner leg. Once the seal has passed over this a few times it causes a tear in the fork seal, creating an oil or worse, an air leak on some models. Losing your air pressure will end your race and most likely your day so keeping this stanchion protected has to be top priority. In the long run chipped stanchions can cause unnecessary wear to guide bushes and of course oil and dust seals. Most suspension companies will charge you £70 - £100 for a full service to your fork legs. If buying one set of ProTech Fork Guards saves you just one fork service in the year they have already paid for themselves twice over. 

Whether you race pro motocross, endruo, xtream enduro or you just like dirt bike riding in general these fork protectors are a must have protection.

Take a look at our blog and see what Motocross Action Magazine thought when they tested a pair.
Finish all your races, score points, win championships.


- NEW DESIGN, much greater area of the fork stanchion now protected from stone chips and damage
- EASY FITMENT, Easily fitted with no need to remove fork legs
- MONEY SAVING, Saves you money on fork servicing throughout the year

use ProTech Fork Guards for their entire fleet of rental bikes.

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